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Turn Your Ideas Into Websites and Apps

Chattanooga, TN based Rookies Web takes the guesswork out of Website design and App development. We provide beginning to end services, from designing, prototyping, programming, and launching Your Website, Web App, or App. So just sit back, come up with some good ideas, and let us take care of the rest!

Worry Free Maintenance

When you buy a Website, Web App, Android or iPhone App, or Desktop App from Rookies Web, we consider it the start of a relationship. So if you ever want to update your Website, add new functionality to your Android App, or change the look of your Desktop application, feel at east knowing that Rookies provides maintenance for every App we've created.


We at Rookies believe Websites should be Fast, Maintainable and Affordable. We have put together our skills to provide a low cost, yet high quality Website and App development solution for clients around the world. This website itself is custom coded using Python, a powerful general purpose programming language. So stop trying to get Wordpress to work and let us build you a great Website and App, featuring whatever solution you need, whether SEO, E-Commerce, or a social network of your own!


We craft Custom Apps (Mobile, Desktop, Web). Based in Chattanooga, TN and founded in 2016, we provide customers around the world with affordable, yet high quality fullstack development solutions and freelance computer support. Every Webpage we build is Mobile friendly and Fast. Every Android and iPhone App we ship is Stable and Reliable. And best of all, Rookies is part of an International Co-Op of developers and designers, so rest assured that your projects will be completed lightning fast at minimal cost (we don't have any secretaries or offices to pay for!).


Python is a powerful, expressive, and maintainable language and we use it to build most of our Apps. Websites like Instragram, Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest use Python. Google and Microsoft are major supporters of Python. So rest assured, years down the line, when you want new features added, our well documented code that we've wrote for you will be easy for other developers to extend. We are the only Python development shop in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


You don't have to be a Geek to understand how important Apps are to businesses and individuals. Ever since the iPhone was released, a major App boom has taken over all of our lives. Rookies exists at the intersection of Technology and your Goals. Whether it's to provide a way for potential customers to find your business, or building a customized inventory solution for your small business or even building something that has never been built before, Rookies exists to Translate the world of Code/Frameworks/Hosting into a powerful Tool for your company or venture.

"Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful, that's what matters to me."

- Steve Jobs